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Lightning 100 plays "No More Dancing"

Five Islands is on the radio! Nashville's favorite radio, Lightning 100 played "No More Dancing" AND gave a shout out to all of our Kickstarter supporters - we love you guys. Listen to the intro in the video below:

"This is very cool stuff. I like this a lot. Kind of country, folky, whatever you want to call it, either way. It's so awesome. It's Five Islands, and the song is called "No More Dancing." - Casey, lightning 100
"[Five Islands] crowdfunded [on Kickstarter] to get some equipment to put a record out... one thing I was really taken with...they were asking for about $1,500, which in recording land nothing. When I looked at it a few days ago, it was at $5,200 and that's awesome!' - Casey, lightning 100

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