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Five Islands - the spot that named us

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Chap and Daisy Bernet, lead members of Five Islands, have been going to the same tiny spot up in Maine every summer for the past ~20 years; the spot they named their band after. Five Islands, ME is a village island of Georgetown, and has been said to be “the prettiest harbor in Maine.

Five Islands music named after this view
Five Islands family band at Five Islands Lobster Co.

The majority of their mom's side of the family has taken residency in the Georgetown area. Their story includes owning and managing the Grey Havens Inn, attending Chop Point camp every summer (their aunt is now the principal of the school), opening Tintypes shop in Bath, and their sister works at Five Island Farm during the summer. This list goes on and on.

The Bernet family's tiny yellow 800 sq. ft. cottage has been featured in Coastal Living - it's charming as heck. One staple that happens each night of the summer when Chap and Daisy are in Five Islands, ME is a family jam sesh. They play with their dad and locals, like Shepp the gypsy jazz guitarist. You are bound to hear some old country, new folk and beautiful harmony on Five Islands originals.

One of the very best establishments in the area is Five Islands Lobster Co. pictured above. While the soft & hard shell by the pound is as fresh as it can get, they have an absurdly good steak and cheese. WOAH. Both Daisy and Chap worked there during summers growing up.

Whoever has once visited this delightful region will never forget it, as the scenery is not surpassed in any part of Maine, and it is a veritable yachtsman’s paradise.

Hollis Burgess, writing in The Rudder magazine, 1917

Dawn breaks over Five Islands Harbor, in Georgetown. Photograph by Benjamin Williamson

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