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Ed Bernet on The Ed Sullivan Show

Below is a video of Ed Bernet, or Grandadisimo as Daisy & Chap have him saved in their phones, when he was 22 years old on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1956.

As Daisy & Chap have mentioned many times before, family is their leading source of musical inspiration. With talent flowing from both maternal and paternal bloodlines, they were blessed with many teachers. Here's a story Chap shared with me about his dad's dad, Ed Bernet.

Chap Bernet Ed Bernet Five Islands

Ed Bernet has always surrounded himself with music. As a student at Highland Park High School in Dallas, TX, he formed the Hilltop Ramblers with his brother Dick and some other classmates. During his college years at SMU, he formed The Cell Block Seven, a Dixieland Group who eventually released an album on Columbia Records. So by the time Ed Sullivan made his way down to the Air Force base where Granddaddy was stationed, camera crew in tow, he was more than ready to perform for the hundreds of thousands of families watching at home. After his Air Force days, he immersed himself into the Dallas Music Scene, forming two Dixieland Band, running a successful nightclub, recording studio, and booking agency, the latter he still runs to this day. Ask Daisy or me about them, we can talk about our Granddad's exploits all day long. - Chap

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